Local Leadership Development is a big part of keeping healthy chapters. Without the proper leaders, is very hard to manage programs and grow within the community. That’s why finding people with the potential to lead their chapters and giving them proper training is key.

To help volunteers grow we use Harvard’s Incomplete Leader Model that motivates people to assess their leadership skills and further develop them. In order for this to work, we must provide volunteers with training opportunities and spaces for feedback.

AFS Chile’s Global Competence Cordillera

Expanding training opportunities is one of Chile’s key objectives for Volunteer Development. Last August, they gathered Local Chapter presidents for a weekend full of activities designed to further grow their leadership skills.

In line with the Leadership Development Program, the different sessions motivated and empowered the volunteers. It was also great to grow as a community; participants got to learn about other local chapter’s challenges and develop partnerships. Through discussion and feedback, they learned not only from the sessions but mainly from each other.

During the weekend, they started planning a project for their communities. Throughout the next months they will develop them, impacting other volunteers and their communities.