The Volunteer Engagement System Project aims to address the decreasing program, volunteer and chapter numbers around the network, by providing a comprehensive model of volunteer management.

During 2019, we developed a series of tools to help implement the system and improved them along with 10 pilot partners from around the network. Volunteer Management staff from AFS USA, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Austria, Denmark, France, The Netherlands, and Spain, along with the co-creation team, helped move this project forward. Together, we’ve created the Volunteer Engagement Playbook, which will be online this December.

In 2020, 8 new partners will join the project. AFS Belgium France, Belgium Flanders, Hungary, Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Australia, and Japan will work to increase their investment in Volunteer Development. Along with our 2019 partners, they will be coached to implement this system and improve their volunteers’ experience.

For this to be successful, we need to invest resources into staff capacity. That’s why along with this initiative, we will release a comprehensive online Volunteer Management Training in early 2020. We’re looking forward to seeing the ongoing results of this project!