The implementation of any tool comes with many challenges, from managing change to handling expectations there are a lot of aspects to consider. One of the most important is making sure people understand the value of the change.

AFS Costa Rica is one of the pilot partners that started implementing Workplace with their volunteers throughout the last year. With a diverse volunteer base in terms of age, gender, and socio-economic status, they needed to share the tool in a way that would be accessible to volunteers regardless of their technological knowledge.

The Solution

Since May, they started a series of regional in-person workshops around the country. Now, they’ve reached 70% of their local chapters. Being a small country, reaching their communities was easy. However, the workshop can be easily adapted to a webinar: AFS Colombia’s staff received it as well!

Costa Rica took this as an opportunity to discuss the different ways we communicate in AFS. The 2-hour workshop begins with an explanation of the tool and how it provides a better way to connect with volunteers, the national office and the AFS Network.

The second part is focused on external communication. Volunteers learn the correct use of AFS Branding, how to take better photos, and use social media to increase AFS visibility in their communities.

The results are clear; AFS Costa Rica currently has one of the most active Workplace groups in the Network. With a weekly engagement of over 300 likes and 40 comments, their “Volunteer Force” group is the main channel to know about local initiatives, student experiences, and national activities. The workshops and the group have increased the sense of community in AFS Costa Rica. Plus, the volunteers have the chance to interact with people from the office that they might not know before. Plus, they feel more connected with the mission of our organization.

If you want to know more about this initiative you can contact Viktor Valverde, AFS Costa Rica’s Communication & Marketing Director.