Engaging volunteers is all about relationships: connecting with potential volunteers and sharing the organization’s mission, values, and projects with the hope of recruiting new volunteers!


Steps to Consider

Developing a plan from this framework provides the information needed to help potential volunteers engage and understand the value of a volunteering experience. Look over the 4 stages of Engagement and ask yourself:

  • How does your organization address each of these stages?
  • Where have you identified gaps?
  • Where does your organization excel? How can you continue to strengthen this stage?
  • How do we recruit volunteers? How do they find out about us?
  • Once they express interest, how are we inviting them to volunteer?
  • What types of formal and informal gestures do we have for a volunteer to express their commitment?
  • How are we inducting new volunteers into our community?

It is important for us to think about who we are explaining and presenting AFS to Prospective Volunteers. A great example is the video below:

Stages of Engagement


Awareness and Consideration

Generating interest in the mission of our organization while inviting people to take action.

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Invitation and Recruitment

Setting expectations to define if the organzation and the volunteer are a good fit.

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Once a potential volunteer makes the decision to volunteer with the organization, it is time to formalize the commitment.

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We want people to interact with their local chapter in a social and informal environment and feel part of a community.

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