Since the start of the pandemic, we have heard about some wonderful engagement initiatives. Colleagues around the world have been putting their best effort into continuing to transmit a sense of normalcy to their volunteers. Keeping our volunteer forces committed and engaged is of utmost importance these days. AFS is working on ensuring it emerges as an even stronger global community from this crisis. The dedication and contribution of volunteers are irreplaceable in this process. On the other hand, it is vital for our volunteers to feel that their strong community perseveres.

Some of the great volunteer engagement initiatives were created with a bottom-up approach. Volunteers who have something to share are getting together to organize activities for their fellow volunteers. It is no different with AFS India’s new initiatives: #MondayMagic. #MondayMagic is an activity series from volunteers for volunteers. Each Monday they facilitate a 30-45-minute session on a topic of their own choice.

The initiative has been going strong for 2 months now, and has covered several themes already:

  • Cooking classes (Western-Indian cuisine)
  • Growing plants at home
  • Cardio
  • Your Own Greatness Affirmed (YOGA)
  • Increasing immunity by daily fitness
  • Motivation and yoga activities during COVID-19

In July, they will focus on:

  • Virtual panel discussion: Can schools be the same after the pandemic?
  • How well do you know AFS?
  • Exploring French as a foreign language
  • Learning to cook Naga cuisine

Anyone willing to share their skills, talents, and expertise is welcome to facilitate a session. Engagement activities take place at 4 PM IST on Mondays (with the exception of public holidays) on Zoom, Google Meet, or with the use of WhatsApp.

Any AFSer is welcome to join – the link to the meeting can be obtained from Aadil Fahim.