We have reported on how AFS volunteers are working towards making the world a better place a few weeks ago. Our network of global citizens does not rest even during COVID-19. They are continuing to make a difference and working on helping those in need. Inspiration and action can take many forms, and the below examples give a clear statement of how one single action can make a change.

AFS Kenya – educating the most vulnerable

Penina, a key volunteer of AFS Kenya is a trainer healthcare worker, living in a predominantly Massai region. The Maasai are a well-known community who continue to maintain their traditional semi-nomadic lifestyle. The region attracts people from all around the world to learn more about local traditions and culture. As the number of COVID-19 cases kept rising in the surrounding area, Penina set out on a mission to support the most vulnerable group of her village. The group counts around 40 HIV positive mothers, widows, and caregivers to orphans. Penina helped not only raise awareness about the pandemic but also educated them on how to protect their children and families from potential infection. They received training on how to effectively wash their hands using water and soap, how to make soap and hand sanitizer, or make and wear masks.


Volunteers from Bangalore Chapter have been working on a COVID CHIN-UP campaign. The campaign focuses on positive personal experiences during this hard time. Such nuggets of positive testimonies are shared daily on social media. Even in trying times, we do not need much to take care of our mental health. Sketching, cooking, painting, working out, or volunteering locally can bring a much-desired sense of normalcy into our lives.


LeeAnn, an AFS USA alumna to Germany is working as a progressive care nurse. In an interview, she is talking about her experience with treating COVID-19 patients. She also shared her thoughts on how her intercultural experience helps with her work.

“Two months ago, things began changing. The news reports were coming out and the hospital started to prepare. Patients stopped coming in and the ER died off. It was the calm before the storm, we knew something was really going to hit. About a month ago, we became a COVID-19 ICU.”


AFS Colombia has been working on 2 projects lately. Their volunteers entered a contest to raise funds on providing opportunities for economically less fortunate people to learn about Global Competence. Fundraising is always a challenge and we must always appreciate the effort our volunteers put into going the extra mile.

They have also started cooperating with the Manzul Foundation. The foundation works with children, youth, and families in extreme poverty. They support education, restorative psychological support, and organize workshops for parents. These days they were in need of construction materials, as well as equipment to help children with virtual education. The initiative started with the help of 2 dedicated volunteers. It has since grown into a wider project that volunteers from all around the country are engaging in.


These days it becomes even more apparent that we are living and making history with every action we take. Continuing to make a difference and standing with the vulnerable is how AFS is making its mark.