Leadership might sound like a scary and untouchable concept if you have just now become a chapter leader. AFS leaders are unique individuals who drive the work of volunteers, as well as operations on the local level. Being a volunteer yourself and having the task to coordinate other volunteers can be challenging at times. And believing that we have what it takes to do it at the beginning of our chapter leader career is even more challenging. This section will help you reflect on who you are as a leader. It will also help you understand the leadership development curriculum AFS developed.

Everyday Leadership

Leadership is not always about big tangible actions. This resource aims to show you how our smallest actions can change the lives of people.

The 8 Most Common Leadership Styles & How to Find Your Own

Leadership comes in many different shapes and forms. This blog post will give you an outline of the 8 most common leadership styles and also help you explore which one you are through a quick assessment.

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What is your leadership style?

This video explores leadership styles in a more simplified way, giving you practical examples of how each leadership style may manifest in real life.

The Big 5 Test

Leaders constantly develop and evolve. This quick self-assessment will help you understand the tendencies you naturally have, so you know which characteristics of yours you might need to keep an eye on when leading your chapter.

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Leadership development program

AFS International has developed a Leadership Development Programme that helps AFS leaders on every level to be more engaged and insightful role models. Contact your national office to find out whether your organization offers the program in the near future and how you could join.

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