For the past year, we’ve developed a series of tools to help us improve the experience of our volunteers. Through discussion and cooperation, our amazing co-creation team designed a complete and adaptable system that will help staff better invest in their volunteers.

In October 2018, our co-creation team began with a Study Tour to Italy. For five days, they learned about Intercultura’s “Animatori System“,  the base of the project. Composed of talented volunteers and staff from across the Network, the Volunteer Engagement System co-creation team had their final call last week. We want to thank them for their continued support and disposition to make this project a reality.

Their work is now accessible in the Volunteer Engagement System Online Playbook.  This online tool contains all the information we’ve compiled through research and the experiences of our Pilot Partners. You can find background information, job descriptions, tools, updates and everything you need to start planning for implementation in your organization.

We are excited to continue the project with new Pilot Partners joining, and can wait to see new innovative ways to engage volunteers in 2020!