Local chapter leaders have an intriguing but challenging role: managing a team and growing your local chapter’s capacity is no easy feat!              AFS leaders are unique individuals who drive the work of volunteers, as well as operations on the local level.

We’ve gathered a series of resources to help them reflect on their role and pick up best practices to improve in their AFS roles.

Navigate through these five categories and start growing your leadership skills:



Leadership might sound like a scary and untouchable concept if you have just now become a chapter leader.  This section will help you reflect on who you are as a leader and help you understand the leadership development curriculum AFS developed.

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The way we communicate with the different players in AFS can make a huge difference in how effective we are as leaders. This section will give you practical tools and practices that you can incorporate in the ways you connect with your volunteers.

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Volunteer Management

As a chapter leader, you need to establish the grounds for continuous team-work. You can find a variety of resources in this chapter that will aid you whilst leading the volunteer force of your local chapter, and also give you insight into intergenerational collaboration.

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Volunteer Retention

A key element of leading a volunteer force is retaining our people. This section will help you focus more on the way you motivate and appreciate volunteers, as well as how you assign responsibilities and tasks.

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Internal Resources

Wrapping your head around your new role may seem like a challenge, but not to worry, AFS has been developing some useful tools that could help you see the bigger picture and how you in your new role fit into it.

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