Online volunteer engagement has been a hot topic in AFS lately. To adapt to our new reality, AFS Hungary has designed a whole series of various activities to keep the AFS spirit alive.

We are a volunteer-based organization, therefore, keeping a swift communication with our local leaders is a key to success. AFS Hungary is keeping the tradition of regular chapter president meetings alive – in a virtual form. They are also continuing the support of local units through online coaching.

In close cooperation with their pool of trainers, they launched a webinar series. In the past couple of weeks, volunteers have had the chance to join webinars on over a dozen different topics. Topics vary from AFS-related to social, sometimes even global concerns, such as sustainability. Each week brings several new learning opportunities for anyone wanting to engage.

School relations are a key element to the development of our organization. AFS Hungary has been putting a huge effort into making ICL education more accessible. Each year, they are hosting international volunteers. During their stay, volunteers visit educational institutions and facilitate hundreds of ICL lessons. As the country’s schools are currently closed due to the pandemic, AFS Hungary is now offering the same ICL content online.

There are also several initiatives that aim to showcase the AFS spirit. We can see various posts in social media, quoting testimonies of former program participants and host families. And those that prefer a more personal approach have the opportunity to join one of the many online meetings, where returnees talk about their intercultural experiences.

Online volunteer engagement can take many forms.

Starting a vlog is great way to talk about one’s AFS story. Wiki, AFS Hungary’s international volunteer is talking to her YouTube audience about her experiences with the organization – watch the first vlog posts below to get to know Wiki, and hear some useful tips for future exchange students.