A major component of the Chappaqua Project was a commitment to put data (vs. anecdote) in the center for evaluating Area Teams and for plotting year on year growth on a relative basis against two key themes: “Team Engagement” and “External Potential.” Team Engagement and External Potential are the primary indicators of teams’ level of development and would serve as a basis for determining the types of organizational development resources and tools that need to be created to strengthen volunteer teams.

The link below will take you to one of their team planning sites.  Each team has a site that is built using the information retrieved from a volunteer survey, as well as data regarding program numbers to better assist volunteers and staff if planning for the future. Near the bottom you’ll find the “Chappaqua quadrants” and the bubble placement. All of the information combines together to form the bubble placement. 

One World Team: https://www.afsusa.org/team-planning/one-world/