There are a couple of quality traits that differentiate AFS from other intercultural educational organizations. First of all, we are a volunteer-driven organization. Second, we’re one of the very few exchange program organizations that provides 100% of its hosting and sending services.

These elements increase the need for consistency on what we do and how we do things. To accomplish this, we need to continuously offer high-quality training opportunities to our volunteers and staff – and for that, we have to start by investing in training good trainers. This is what Training for Trainers (T4T) events are for.

What is the T4T Manual?

The T4T Manual is intended to be a useful resource and guide for any Partner Organization planning to organize T4T events. We are not aiming for standardization, but rather trying to compile the learnings we have accumulated over the years regarding how to best train trainers.

The Manual is structured in three key parts:

Detailed information about the planning and preparation phase of a training.

Want more information about the program?

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If you are from outside the organization, you can email Sarah Collins at [email protected] for more information.