In order to offer life changing intercultural experiences, local leaders play a crucial role in recruiting and motivating different players that are key to our programs. However, a great deal of AFS local leadership is accidental. Volunteers often end up in local leadership positions without any previous training or succession plan, or simply because nobody else was available or willing to take up the challenge.

The Leadership Development Program is a solid and sustainable framework to develop leaders at the local level and will positively impact other areas of the organization in the long term such as volunteer retention, participant support, and host family satisfaction.

Objectives of the Program

This Program provides a space for training and reflection that allows local leaders to become change agents, leading their organizations to evolve and achieve growth that can be both measured and felt.


participants’ awareness of their individual leadership strengths, which can be applied within and beyond AFS.


strengths to ensure volunteers are equipped leadership skills that are relevant to our specific goals as an intercultural learning organization.


the link between volunteers’ awareness of their own strength and skills and their ability to multiply these as effective team leaders.


leaders who value teamwork and collaboration and can activate and empower communities that are both diverse and inclusive.


Theoretical Framework

Harvard’s Incomplete Leader model aims at demystifying the idea that leaders fully master all leadership skills. By understanding that perfection does not exist, people can assess their strengths, further develop skills and collaborate with others who can complement them. The model allows us to also focus on AFS-specific content, such as developing AFS community, teamwork and volunteer development.

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Program Structure

Two months before live event to reflect on current leadership practices and explore the framework.

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