Why a Volunteer Development Toolkit?

As a volunteer-led organization, collaboration with volunteers is a daily occurrence for anyone working in AFS. This comes with many exciting moments but also many challenges! Developing a structure that helps our volunteers thrive while ensuring our staff and volunteers work effectively together is key to success. The Volunteer Development Toolkit contains resources to help you organize your volunteer structure, grow your operations, and provide the best volunteer experience.

What will I find in the Toolkit?

Explore our different sections:

The AFS Volunteer Journey

Every volunteer goes through different stages. Discover how to leverage those moments to boost engagement, creating a meaningful experience for your volunteers.

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Volunteer Engagement System

Based on AFS Italy’s Animatori system, this project provides support in mentoring and tool development to improve the structure of your volunteer operations.

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Chapter Development Toolkit

Strong local units are key for expanding the AFS footprint. Discover here what steps are needed to open new AFS local units and find tools to strengthen your local chapters.

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Volunteer Survey and Evaluation

The VSE is a network survey that gathers data on volunteer engagement and motivation. It helps map the state of AFS volunteering and identify ways to improve the volunteer experience.

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How can I use the Toolkit?

This Toolkit is your go-to reference for all things related to volunteer development. Don’t forget: volunteer development is a continuous process, and sustainable growth happens through consistent, incremental improvements.

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Use this website as a regular reference to find inspiration and solutions to new and ongoing challenges.